SOAR News & Notes

a sleeping eagle

Van Winkle Bald Eagle

20 November 2017

Our friend, Brody, with Franklin County Conservation called on the 20th that they had report of a farmer finding a dead eagle where he was doing fieldwork. Brody called back…


Humboldt short-eared owl

31 October 2017

As with most of our admits, little is known about this owl… other than it is VERY emaciated! The short-eared owl is on the Iowa endangered species list. This owl…

P-10 bald eagle

Pool 10 Bald Eagle

1 October 2017

Thanks to an alert angler / hunter on the Mississippi River near Harpers Ferry (this area is called Pool 10) for calling the USFWS with a report of an eagle…

hatchling vultures

Des Moines hatchling vultures

2 August 2017

Aren’t they cute? An area business was hired by a demolition contractor to check an abandoned building for any wildlife. Lo and behold… these two nestling vultures were found. We…

Kay holds the eagle "Oklahoma"

Lost Island via Oklahoma!

9 July 2017

This eagle tried to steal catfish from anglers on Lost Island Lake and got tangled in their line. The anglers were able to untangle the line from the eagle and…

3 fledgling kestrels

Sioux Gateway fledgling kestrels

16 June 2017

These three fledgling kestrels were blown from their nest and were rescued from the Sioux Gateway Airport in Sioux City. As of admit, they are not quite ready to be…

juvenile bald eagle

Runnells HY16 bald eagle

26 May 2017

SOAR volunteer Deb transported a lively juvenile eagle that was rescued from a ditch along a gravel road near Runnells in Polk County. We believe this female to be a…

hatchling RTH

Hatchling red-tail

5 May 2017

Thanks to Tracy at Wildthunder Wildlife and Animal Rehabilitation and Sanctuary for rescuing this hatchling red-tailed hawk. This hawk is too young to be out the nest and cared for…

adult trumpeter

Polk County trumpeter

19 December 2016

It’s ‘wildlife CSI’ time as we’re really not sure what happened to this adult trumpeter swan. SOAR volunteer Deb and her ‘fave DNR officer’ were able to rescue this trumpeter…

Euclid Ave bald eagle

Euclid Ave bald eagle

19 December 2016

Animal Rescue League of Iowa staff rescued this bald eagle from the Des Moines River ice near Euclid Avenue. The rescuers reported that the eagle was very uncoordinated. Polk County…