SOAR News & Notes

horned owl

Ellsworth great horned owl

9 December 2020

This great horned owl was found by concerned citizens near Ellsworth, Iowa, sitting by roadkill and not wanting to fly away. This owl has a droopy wing and probably suffered…


Page Co great horned owl

23 September 2020

An Iowa DNR Conservation Officer brought us an injured great horned owl that was reported by a concerned citizen as being on the side of a road. Given the location…

HY turkey vultures

HY20 turkey vultures

5 August 2020

Two hatch-year 2020 turkey vultures were rescued after it was discovered their nest had been destroyed.

whitebreast eagle

Whitebreast bald eagle

4 July 2020

A hatch-year 2017, partially leucistic (light colored) bald eagle was rescued from the Whitebreast area of Lake Red Rock as was unable to fly. The eagle was emaciated and had…

hatch-year peregrine falcon

Chillicothe hatch-year peregrine

30 June 2020

Alliant Energy employees at the Ottumwa Generating Station are very watchful of the nesting peregrines at the plant and keep an eye out for juveniles in distress when they fledge.…

hatch-year bald eagle rescue

Bald eagles Dawson 1, Dawson 2

8 June 2020

SOAR volunteer Deb was taken upriver to check on two downed eagles by the anglers that came upon them. SOAR volunteer Deb said she wasn’t dressed for a rescue when…

soot-covered barred owl

Chimney barred owl

2 April 2020

Homeowners found an adult barred owl stuck in their fireplace chimney and called the Conservation Officer. Thanks to Officer Eighmey for getting this owl removed and to SOAR volunteer Deb.…

hatchling great horned owl

Hatchling great horned owl

2 April 2020

A hatchling (also called nestling) great horned owl was found on the ground and likely fell from a nest. The young owl was bruised by the fall.

adult Cooper's hawk

Monona County adult Cooper’s hawk

30 March 2020

Monona County Conservation naturalist received a call of an injured hawk that was found near a bird feeder at the caller’s home. This adult Cooper’s hawk had a fractured right…

barred owl

Wright County barred owl

24 February 2020

An injured barred owl was found near Eagle Grove, Iowa, and picked up by SOAR at a veterinary clinic in Webster City. This owl is extremely thin and has a…