Big Sioux Eagle

Admission Date: 4 March 2016
Outcome: Euthanized, 18 March 2016
Location of Rescue: Sioux County, Iowa side of Big Sioux River near Fairview, SD
Cause of Admission / Condition: Grounded, suspect collision with vehicle
Patient Status: Patient Archive

Thanks to Alex with Sioux County Conservation for rescuing a badly damaged eagle. This adult eagle cannot stand the legs are limp.  Will check blood lead level and get an x-ray as soon as possible.


18 March 2016
Kay has consulted with The Raptor Center (TRC) on other treatment options for this eagle given the x-ray did not indicate any fractures, but still cannot move legs after a week-plus of supportive care. TRC staff confirmed Kay's suspicion of nerve damage, which cannot be repaired. TRC has not had any success or full recovery with patients presenting with these symptoms / issues and recommended euthanasia.

11 March 2016
Big Sioux visited the good doctor and Dr. Dirks took x-rays and could not see any spinal injuries. She will receive steroid treatments to relieve any swelling that may be around her spinal column. Blood was drawn and set to diagnostic laboratory for mercury testing.

8 March 2016
Big Sioux is being hand fed and is eating well and pooping. She is starting to pull legs up under her.

5 March 2016
This is definitely a female... 14 pounds. Blood drawn and a blood lead test completed and she has only background levels of lead and she will be monitored for symptoms.