Bos Landen Great Horned Owl

Bos Landen GHO Admission Date: 20 April 2016
Outcome: Released, 4 September in Carroll County
Location of Rescue: Bos Landen subdivision, Marion County
Cause of Admission / Condition: Grounded, unable to fly, Eye injury
Patient Status: Patient Archive

A concerned citizen called with a report of a great horned owl in herĀ  yard being harassed by a crow and red-tailed hawk. (A healthy great horned owl would be having none of that!) This owl has a right eye injury – the nictitating membrane is white, cloudy, and not functioning as it should. The owl is also emaciated. The owl was rescued by an Iowa DNR Wildlife Bureau staff member and taken to SOAR friend Marla for overnight care.

p.s. Bos Landen is a golf course and sub-division on the outskirts of Pella.


28 April 2016
After several days of high calorie fluids and being hand-fed tid-bits of meat, the owl is now eating on own! Cassie reports that the owl can see much better now and is starting to show typical great horned owl behavior and tries to "foot" Cassie as she gets him from his ICU crate for daily eye wash and ointment.