Burr Oak 4-year-old eagle

Admission Date: 29 July 2016
Outcome: Released, 29 October 2016 at SOAR
Location of Rescue: Near Burr Oak, Winneshiek Co
Cause of Admission / Condition: Grounded, unable to fly
Patient Status: Patient Archive

Brian at the Decorah Fish Hatchery received a call of an eagle down NW of Decorah. Raptor Resource Board member and eagle researcher Brett M just happened to be in Decorah that day… so off they went. Once they had the eagle, Brian called SOAR. Brett estimated this male to only weigh 6 pounds. Thanks to Terrie for arranging to meet Brian for transport that night! Fluids were administered in the parking lot where Terrie and Kay met up. We are quite the site sometimes!


28 September 2016
My what a few days will do... Burr Oak is showing us he's ready!

8 September 2016
Burr Oak can now fly one length of the eagle flight pen, but not yet with confidence.

9 August 2016
Burr Oak is now up to 7.5 pounds and is still in ICU so that food can always be in front of him!