Chillicothe hatch-year peregrine

hatch-year peregrine falcon Admission Date: 30 June 2020
Outcome: Released
Location of Rescue: Ottumwa Generating Station, Chillicothe, IA
Cause of Admission / Condition: bad first flight, not flying at rescue
Patient Status: Patient Archive

Alliant Energy employees at the Ottumwa Generating Station are very watchful of the nesting peregrines at the plant and keep an eye out for juveniles in distress when they fledge. Staff could hear a young falcon screaming… and finally located the young bird in a tall water tank. Staff said this was the likely the third of three to fledge.

SOAR was concerned there may be soft tissue damage or other injuries from getting from the nest box to the water tank.


16 July 2020
Peregrine Is in a flight pen. She needs to build stamina now.

hatch-year peregrine

As Kay went in the flight pen to take a picture on 16 July 2020, this peregrine made a good, but short flight!