Clanton Creek nestling bald eagle

hatchling eaglet Admission Date: 10 May 2018
Outcome: Released 6 August 2018 at Dunbar Slough, Greene County
Location of Rescue: Along Clanton Creek in Madison County
Cause of Admission / Condition: Nest and nestling on the ground
Patient Status: Patient Archive

SOAR volunteer Deb received word that a concerned citizen found a very young bald eagle on the ground. Deb and her son met up with the concerned citizen and then hiked in at least a half-mile, along the creek, through a couple steep ravines to get to the area.

Deb reported that the nest had collapsed. This is the only eaglet they could find. This eaglet is quite young and should be still in the nest. The adults were there closely monitoring the situation. With no way to build a second nest, the eaglet being too young to perch on a branch, and no way to easily monitor this situation, after consultation, it was determined that it was best for the eaglet to be brought to SOAR.

An eaglet this young left on the ground would likely not have survived the night.


13 May 2018
Eaglet is standing periodically and is eating on own. Hardly has any flight feathers.

8 June 2018
This eaglet is in a 10' x 20' "eaglet nursery" with three other hatch-year eaglets.

23 July 2018
This young eagle is flying in the 100' flight pen.