Dallas Co Juv RTH

RTH patient Admission Date: 23 January 2015
Outcome: Released, 11 July 2015 Broken Kettle Grassland
Location of Rescue: Dallas County
Cause of Admission / Condition: Undetermined
Patient Status: Patient Archive

A juvenile red-tailed hawk was unable to fly and was rescued in Dallas County. As you can see in the photo… the left wing primaries are missing. Flight doesn’t happen without primary feathers. This hawk will need to be with us until he/she molts in new feathers.

Thanks to Laura for the rescue


29 March 2015
Look for a late summer release for this hawk... after a complete feather molt.

30 January 2015
This hawk was moved to the RTH flight pen.

Two hatch-year 2015 red-tailed hawks were released at The Nature Conservancy Bison Day program on 7/11/15. One release was captured on video (it may have been this hawk).