Doon bald eagle

female bald eagle Admission Date: 22 February 2018
Outcome: Released 8 June 2018 at Oak Grove Park, Sioux County
Location of Rescue: on the Rock River near Doon, IA, in Lyon County
Cause of Admission / Condition: Grounded and unable to fly
Patient Status: Patient Archive, Success Stories

A group of friends that Alex dubbed the “Doon Boys” came upon a grounded bald eagle while out running the Rock River in Lyon County and called to report. This female bald eagle has HI blood lead levels and chelation therapy to remove the lead from her system was started.


27 February 2018
Mutes are looking better and better. Still hand feeding.

7 March 2018
The Doon eagle has gained a bit of weight and is up to 12 pounds. She is on a 'rest cycle' from the chelation therapy. The rest period allows the lead stored in the organs and bone to come out into the blood where the chelation medication can bind with it to form a compound the kidneys can excrete.

23 March 2018
Doon was moved out of an ICU crate to a 10x20 area. Her blood lead level is back to in the "background" range. That said, she will still be monitored for symptoms.

bald eagle "Doon"

Doon eagle admitted 22 February 2018 is looking much better on 7 March 2018!