Duncombe Juvenile RTH

juvenile RTH Admission Date: 12 May 2016
Outcome: Euthanized, 23 May 2016
Location of Rescue: Rural Duncombe, IA, Webster County
Cause of Admission / Condition: Grounded with a fractured wing
Patient Status: Patient Archive

Thanks to the Duncombe rural mail carrier (took pictures and noted location) and the USPS employee in the office… this hatch-year 2015 red-tailed hawk was reported to us as grounded in a ditch. A nearby SOAR volunteer was able to find this hawk, provided overnight care, and transported to SOAR the next day!

This hawk has a fractured left radius / ulna with an open wound that had maggots in it (yuck!). Kay reports that it’s a pretty bad injury, but will do her best.


23 May 2016
If a bird's fractured bone is going to heal, that process starts pretty quickly. Kay checked on this bird's fractured left wing and there was no healing of the break and upon further look, the bone ends have dead tissue. This hawk was humanely euthanized.