First ever golden eagle

golden eagle Admission Date: 13 November 2019
Location of Rescue: Plymouth County, Iowa
Cause of Admission / Condition: Grounded, not able to fly
Patient Status: Current Patient

A report was received of a golden eagle needing assistance in Plymouth County, Iowa. Kay was honestly skeptical until she saw photos of this golden down on the ground. Thanks to Plymouth County Conservation staff for rescue and transport to Alex / Heart the WILD for overnight care.

This golden eagle’s flight feathers on the left wing are shattered and Kay is not sure why. No fractures, some abrasions, and blood lead level is LOW. Kay also reports this is a hatch-year 2019 male. Notice the feathers that come down the leg to where the toes are? Also notice the golden hue to the head feathers. Two clues to identifying a golden eagle.


17 February 2020
"Goldie" is growing in new flight feathers on both wings. Her weight is holding steady at 10 pounds.

13 April 2020
"Goldie" was moved to the 20x60' flight pen. Her flight feathers have all grown in, now it's time for some exercise!