First Screech Owlet

screech owl hatchling Admission Date: 3 May 2015
Outcome: Released, 25 July 2015 in Shelby County
Location of Rescue: Audubon County
Cause of Admission / Condition: Displaced hatchling
Patient Status: Patient Archive, Success Stories

The first screech owl hatchling was admitted today. Overnight storms took down a tree in Audubon and when the landowner went to clean up the storm damage found one dead and one live little white ball of bird. This VERY young screech owl has a bit of scrape at the end of the right wing and was admitted with eyes still not open. When this owlet is consistently calling for food, it will be moved in with our education screech owl momma!


2 June 2015
The screech owl has been in with foster mom, but is now in the flight pen.

7 May 2015
Owl's eyes are open

4 May 2015
This tiny owl was started on high calorie fluids and will transition to solid food.