GHO #2

Admission Date: 5 September 2015
Outcome: Released, 28 July 2016, rural Guthrie Co
Location of Rescue: Polk County
Cause of Admission / Condition: Undetermined
Patient Status: Patient Archive

It was Deb’s “lucky day” as she rescued a trifecta of great horned owls from three different locations…

GHO #2 – this owl from Runnells in Polk County has fractured right leg. The concerned citizen that called about this owl said it tried to land in a tree but was unsuccessful. Not sure the landing broke the leg or if the broken leg fouled up the landing? I’m going with the latter…


10 October 2015
This owl will be soon ready for the flight pen.

9 September 2015
The leg is wrapped and the owl is eating cut-up food on own. It's hard to hold down your food and rip and tear when one leg is stabilized.