Harlan red-tailed hawk

wraped RTH Admission Date: 16 June 2016
Outcome: Euthanized 19 July 2016
Location of Rescue: Harlan, Shelby County
Cause of Admission / Condition: Hit by vehicle
Patient Status: Patient Archive

A staff member at the Harlan newspaper office rescued a hatch-year 2015 (HY15) red-tailed hawk from the grill of a vehicle parked outside their office. (You do not want to see that picture.)

Thanks to the Harlan Animal Control and Trevor for transport to SOAR! This juvenile hawk has a compound fracture of the left humerus.


19 July 2016
Even though the broken humerus aligned well and was wrapped, the bones did form a union and instead the bone ends died. This hawk was humanely euthanized.