Harpers Ferry

2016 fledgling eagle Admission Date: 17 June 2016
Outcome: Released 4 March 2017 at SOAR
Location of Rescue: Near Harpers Ferry, Iowa
Cause of Admission / Condition: Separated from adults
Patient Status: Patient Archive

A 2016 fledgling bald eagle somehow got separated from its adults and spent several days on the ground. Landowners were concerned and contacted the USFWS Wildlife Officer in McGregor for help.

The landowners were willing to rescue and the Federal Warden transported to Oelwein for the first leg of this young eagle’s trip to SOAR.

At 9.5 pounds and quite thin, we are thinking female. Also no fractures! Once she figured out we had food to offer… she was all about eating!

Thanks to the landowners and Nick!


12 October 2016
Harper now weighs 12 lbs and is back in the eagle flight pen.

8 September 2016
Harpers now has an eagle appetite!

9 August 2016
Eating on own again... but does not have a typical eagle appetite yet.

18 July 2016
Harpers is not eating... back in ICU and being hand-fed

23 June 2016
I received a text from Kay today that says it all, "Sassy-pants Harpers Ferry weighs 11 pounds and still thin and is now in the flight pen." Sounds like she needed a bath. She managed to get sticky gunk on her head! There is always one in the bunch...

Here’s a photo right before she was moved to the eagle flight pen, the first time.

Harpers Ferry eaglet

Harpers Ferry on 23 June 2016 before moving to the eagle flight pen. This eaglet admitted 17 June 2016.