Harrison Co barn owl fledgling

barn owl fledgling Admission Date: 6 July 2016
Outcome: Soft release at SOAR, 5 Nov 2016
Location of Rescue: Harrison County
Cause of Admission / Condition: blown from nest
Patient Status: Patient Archive

A storm rolled through Harrison County and displaced a barn owl. By the photo, you can’t tell this is a fledgling, but Kay said had feathers wrapped in sheaths at admit.


30 September 2016
All barn owl admits this year were juveniles and they are ready to be hacked from the tower at Whiterock Conservancy.

13 July 2016
This young owl will soon move to the flight pen for strength training. The rescuer contacted us and said that she's seen another barn owl in the area. Kay is hoping this one will be ready to go soon and would like to try to reunite with probable sibling.