Highlandville 4-year-old bald eagle

4-year-old eagle Admission Date: 17 September 2016
Outcome: Released 28 February 2017 near Volga River State Recreation Area, Fayette Co
Location of Rescue: West of Highlandville in Winneshiek County
Cause of Admission / Condition: Grounded with a wing injury
Patient Status: Patient Archive, Success Stories

An Iowa DNR biologist that works in the Upper Iowa Wildlife Management Area saw, tracked, and rescued a juvenile bald eagle on the 16th.  Transport was arranged on the 17th.

Kay thought during her initial field exam that just the right radius was cracked. A closer inspection when at SOAR revealed both the right ulna and radius were cracked, but bones were in line and under the skin. There was much bruising on that entire wing. The wing was stabilized so nothing happened to the healing bones. This eagle is not thin and has an attitude! He is also uniquely marked with a white tail but brown and white head.


See this post (https://soarraptors.org/2017/03/releases-to-help-with-research/) about "Releases to help with research"

13 December 2016
Highlandville was moved to the 100' eagle flight room.

14 October 2016
The wrap is off the wing and all looks good. He'll need some time in an ICU crate before is moved to a small flight pen.

Eagle to 100' flight pen

17 September 2016 Highlandville eagle to the flight pen on 13 December 2016!