Humboldt Bald Eagle

Admission Date: 19 September 2015
Outcome: Died, 21 September 2015
Location of Rescue: Humboldt County
Cause of Admission / Condition: Grounded; unable to fly
Patient Status: Patient Archive

A Humboldt County resident spotted a downed adult eagle along County Road C-12 and after several phone calls… several folks helped rescue this eagle. Rescuers borrowed a very large crate and welding gloves and were able to get him picked up and put in the crate. The rescuer called with news of the successful rescue, but also said the eagle’s legs were not responsive. Upon transporting to Kay, that initial exam was not encouraging… maggots (our favorite – not) were covering both legs and the base of the tail. This told Kay that the eagle had been down for several days. Fluids were administered on site and we crossed fingers this old boy would be okay. Thanks to Matt, Annette, ‘Horn,’ and Roger for their efforts.


21 September 2015
This eagle was found dead in the ICU crate this morning. X-ray taken on 22 September confirmed our suspicions that his eagle had a fractured spine.