Lansing adult bald eagle

bald eagle Admission Date: 1 February 2020
Outcome: Released 2 March 2020 at SOAR
Location of Rescue: Allamakee County, between Waukon and Lansing
Cause of Admission / Condition: Unable to fly
Patient Status: Patient Archive, Success Stories

We love a good mystery, right? This adult bald eagle was reported down to Iowa DNR Conservation Officers and the USFWS Federal Game Warden in NE Iowa. The rescue party said she would fly only about 50 feet and had been dining on road-kill cafe. Once rescued, this eagle spent the night with SOAR friend, Dr Laura, before getting to SOAR. Laura did not feel any fracture and said she was not thin nor dehydrated, and did not show signs of head trauma from being hit by a vehicle. This eagle just seemed a bit off, lethargic, didn’t want to perch. This 11.5 pounds female bald eagle had a blood lead level done and while elevated, not at a concerning level.


2 February 2020
Kay noted the eyes / nictitating membranes seemed irritated and started eye drops.

17 February 2020
This bald eagle was moved out of ICU to a flight pen.

2 March 2020
What got this eagle down is still an unknown. Not lead poisoning, but behaved as if she ingested a toxin - tremors, pupils not working properly, lethargic. Supportive care of food, fluids, rest, then exercise and she must have cleared it.