Lucas Bald Eagle

eagle admit Admission Date: 27 May 2015
Outcome: Released, 30 August 2015 Dale Valley Vineyard
Location of Rescue: Rural Chariton, Lucas County
Cause of Admission / Condition: Grounded; unable to fly
Patient Status: Patient Archive, Success Stories

Marla was contacted to rescue a downed adult eagle in rural Lucas County. Landowners were checking on their bee hives and noticed the adult eagle sitting / standing / not moving from a mud puddle. Marla found the eagle’s body to be stiff from the chest down, with talons clenched, with labored breathing, but seemed alert. The size of the eagle suggests female.

A consult with Dr. Dirks confirmed early suspicions of organophosphate poisoning. The organophosphate toxicity disrupts the nervous system by inhibiting the enzyme cholinesterase from working properly. This nervous system disruption can lead to paralysis and death if the respiratory system is impacted. According to the USGS National Wildlife Health Center, “Raptors and other bird species become victims of secondary poisoning when they scavenge dead animals poisoned by pesticides or when they feed on live animals… that are unable to escape predation because of pesticide intoxication.” Dr. Dirks recommended getting as much fluid into the eagle as able to flush the pesticide from her system.


8 June 2015
Moved to the 100' flight pen.

6 June 2015
This eagle will soon be ready for the 100' flight pen.

2 June 2015
She is eating on her own and was moved to a 10x20 flight room with a bath pan.

29 May 2015
Blood was drawn for a blood lead level and she is 'unleaded' at 0.029 parts per million.

28 May 2015
She is standing in the crate. Great news!

FB_IMG_1441027945169SOAR is having a typical rehab year… but on a more personal note, we’ve had some lows this year. Kay’s friend (and SOAR’s go-to-handyman) Colton Pulver lost his life in a car accident at the end of June. Kay, SOAR, and ‘raptor nation’ lost a friend, advocate, and supporter in Bob Anderson. Bob passed away unexpectedly at the end of July. The Lucas County eagle that was admitted on 27 May with symptoms of a suspected organophosphate poisoning was ready to be released and was done so by Kay, Terrie, and Linette in honor of Colton, Bob, and with thanks to RRP. May she fly well…

Lucas County eagle rescued 27 May 2015 was released at the 2015 SOAR Release Party in honor of Bob Anderson and Colton Pulver. Ms. Eagle was very ready to go.