Lucas Co Barred Owl

barred owl admit Admission Date: 10 March 2015
Outcome: Released, 2 April 2015 where rescued!
Location of Rescue: North of Chariton, Lucas County
Cause of Admission / Condition: Possible collision with vehicle
Patient Status: Patient Archive, Success Stories

Lucas County Conservation was notified of a barred owl needing rescue and SOAR friend Marla helped Skylar (Lucas County Conservation) with his first rescue! With blood on the beak and one eye dilated more than the other, this owl was likely hit by a vehicle.


29 March 2015
Ready to go very soon.

22 March 2015
Should be moving to the flight pen soon!

13 March 2015
The right eye is still dilated more than the left, but owl seems perkier today.

2 April 2015 – SOAR friend Marla helped Skylar release this barred owl. Marla reported, “The Wheeldon Family, near the site that the barred owl was originally located, was kind enough to allow us to release the owl at their farm. It was picture perfect, with open pastures, treelines, and cattle! Skylar had a moment to hold him and off he went! He landed on a post and got his bearings together, flew to the tree line to continue getting 10March15_LucasBarredOwl_2Apr15_Release1his bearings. A blue jay scooted him on, then we heard crows giving him a ribbing!” Thanks to Marla for getting some photos after she handed the owl off to Skylar! Lucas County Conservation naturalist, Jodi, was there as well! 10March15_LucasBarredOwl_2Apr15_Release2It’s not often that rescuer can also release! Thanks to Marla for helping Lucas County Conservation executive director, Skylar Hobbs, with both rescue and release.