M-town screech owl

HY18 screech owl Admission Date: 7 June 2018
Outcome: Released in Monona County
Location of Rescue: Marshalltown, Iowa
Cause of Admission / Condition: Displaced, out of the nest
Patient Status: Patient Archive

A concerned citizen found a young screech owl on the ground and made contact with SOAR.

Deb, a SOAR volunteer rescuer and transporter was able to pick up this youngster for transport to SOAR. This grey hatchling screech owl has a broken right tibiotarsus. The bones are aligned well and the owl is not putting weight on the right leg.


12 June 2018
This young owl is now eating cut-up food on its own! The wrap on the leg stayed on just a few days. Very young birds are challenging because they grow quickly and can't have a firm wrap on for too long.

HY18 screech owl

7 June 2018 Marshalltown screech owl, photo from 21 June.