Maffitt Reservoir Juv Trumpeter

juv trumpeter swan admit Admission Date: 22 March 2015
Outcome: Died, 26 March 2015
Location of Rescue: Maffitt Reservoir, Dallas / Polk County line.
Cause of Admission / Condition: Grounded; signs of lead toxicity
Patient Status: Patient Archive

SOAR volunteer Deb received word that a trumpeter swan was not looking good, not flying at Maffitt Reservoir on the Dallas / Polk County line. This juvenile swan was exhibiting signs of lead toxicity with labored breathing, no energy, and quite thin.


6 April 2015
The swan's liver lead level report came back and indicated fatal levels of lead.

1 April 2015
X-ray showed a jig-head in the gizzard, see below. During necropsy, found jig-head (yes, it was made of lead) and took a liver tissue sample to be sent to the diagnostic lab.

26 March 2015
This beautiful swan died today. Since we're suspecting lead toxicity, we'll get an x-ray.

25 March 2015
The swan has been receiving high-calorie fluids and has been offered waterfowl feed, but is not interested in eating, appetite is not improving.

Maffitt Reservoir juvenile trumpeter

Maffitt Reservoir juvenile trumpeter, the jig-head is colored in the x-ray to highlight.