Pine Lake Mississippi Kite

Mississippi Kite Admission Date: 9 June 2020
Location of Rescue: Pine Lake State Park, Eldora, IA
Cause of Admission / Condition: found on bike trail unable to fly
Patient Status: Current Patient

Pine Lake State Park staff member found this Mississippi kite while cleaning along the recreational trail in the park. The kite did not fly away when approached – never a good sign with a wild bird.

The ranger at the state park looked up Mississippi kite on eBird to learn that a MIKI (the ornithological abbreviation) had never been reported in Hardin County! Then he called SOAR. We do know of a small population of MIKI in the Des Moines area, but Pine Lake is 80 miles NNE as the birdie flies from Des Moines.

We have no idea why this kite was where it was. The kite has a fractured skull, emaciated, and had the HUGEST lice we’ve ever seen. Was started on anti-inflammatory and antibiotics. MIKI is being hand fed, will not eat on own.


1 July 2020
Kite is gaining weight, but still being hand fed. We are far from "out of the woods" yet.

24 July 2020
Still not eating on own, still being hand fed twice a day. Wound on top of head is healing.