Pole Line Rd bald eagle

female bald eagle Admission Date: 15 February 2019
Outcome: 27 June 2019, released near Calmar, IA
Location of Rescue: Near Pole Line Rd and US52, Decorah, IA
Cause of Admission / Condition: Grounded, suspect vehicle collision
Patient Status: Patient Archive, Success Stories

The bald eagle admitted 15 February 2019 was reported to Winneshiek County (Iowa) dispatch by MANY people driving a county blacktop west of Decorah. Thank you to everyone for caring enough to make a phone call. We also learned that an adult bald eagle was seen on the 14th in the same area feeding on roadkill. We’re betting this is the same eagle.

This is an adult female that is a tish thin. Her blood lead level is HI. Fluids and chelation therapy have been started. This eagle was unable to hold her head upright during transfer today and she was having seizures. Both symptoms of lead poisoning.

Thanks to Winneshiek County dispatcher Lisa for calling SOAR, Winneshiek County Deputy Ihde for help at the scene, Winneshiek County Conservation for rescue, and the Iowa DNR Decorah Fish Hatchery for keeping her warm until SOAR friends Brian and Patti could start the first leg in the transport. Thank you being part of our village.

SOAR checked in with our friends at Raptor Resource Project and they tell us that both the Decorah Mom and the new Decorah North female have been seen on camera SINCE the call from dispatch to us of the need for rescue.


18 February 2019
PLR19 (Pole Line Rd 2019) is still alive. She continues to receive chelation and fluid therapy, plus an anti-inflammatory for brain swelling. This bald eagle appears to be able to see. She has received one small meal of meat and has kept that down!

24 February 2019
After eight days of chelation, this eagle is a getting a break from that and has received one round of anti-bacterial medicine and continues to receive an anti-inflammatory. No seizures have been observed in 24 hours.

28 February 2019
PLR19 has a good appetite and her mutes (poop) looks good as well.

1 April 2019
PLR19 has moved to a 10x20 to begin her rehabilitation.

14 May 2019
Rehabilitation continues as this eagle has been moved to the 100' flight pen!

11 June 2019
This female eagle is ready to go!