Remsen bald eagle

Admission Date: 21 February 2018
Outcome: Euthanized 2 March 2018
Location of Rescue: 5 miles south of Remsen, IA, Plymouth County
Cause of Admission / Condition: Grounded and unable to fly
Patient Status: Patient Archive

SOAR friend Alex was at a work meeting… she receives a call from her brother-in-law’s father. This gentleman just happens to drive a maintainer for Plymouth County secondary roads and spotted an eagle in distress in a farm field and called Alex. Thankfully leather gloves are a staple in a rehabilitator’s vehicle. This female eagle has a left fractured radius and ulna. Her blood lead level is low enough to not be a concern.


The Remsen eagle was taken to the veterinarian on 2 March 2018 for an x-ray to check on the fracture. X-ray revealed dead tissue and the wing bone in three pieces. Even if surgically stabilized the dead tissue would prevent bone mending.