Swan Lake Trumpeter

trumpeter swan patient Admission Date: 28 January 2015
Outcome: Died, 16 February 2015
Location of Rescue: Swan Lake State Park, Carroll County
Cause of Admission / Condition: Pneumonia symptoms
Patient Status: Patient Archive

A trumpeter swan from the Swan Lake State Park reintroduction project was admitted with symptoms that indicate pneumonia. The swan is in isolation and receiving twice a day antibiotics and fluids. When this one was picked up from the park there were 23 wild trumpeters on the lake.


16 February 2015
The swan was an on-again off-again eater. Some days perky, other days not. Sad to report that the swan died overnight.

7 February 2015
The swan ate today!

6 February 2015
Swan is not wanting to eat. Took the swan in for x-rays, just in case an injury was missed. Nothing obvious on x-ray. Switched antibiotics hoping...