Tundra Peregrine

peregrine to be released Admission Date: September 2010
Outcome: Released, 11 May 2011 at Rockwell City Lytton High School
Location of Rescue:
Cause of Admission / Condition: Suspect collision with vehicle
Patient Status: Patient Archive, Success Stories

This blond, hatch-year male peregrine with no bands was received in September 2010. He is migratory and his very light color is an indication of a tundra sub-species, so is likely from Canada. He had a bruised and swollen wing, with a non-compound fracture of the radius-ulna. Even though his wing was healed and he had time in the flight pen before winter set in…because he is a migratory species…he was moved to a more weatherproof flight pen, which is smaller, so he again needed time in the larger flight pen this spring before he could be released.

Shawn Schossow, son of SOAR volunteer Shelly Schossow, released this falcon during biology class at Rockwell City Lytton High School.


Kay hands off the peregrine to Shawn for release.

Kay hands off the peregrine to Shawn for release.