Vander Streek bald eagle

Vander Streek Admission Date: 20 February 2018
Outcome: Released 20 April 2018 near rescue location
Location of Rescue: South of Pella, Marion County, IA
Cause of Admission / Condition: Grounded and unable to fly
Patient Status: Patient Archive, Success Stories

The landowner called in and reported a bald eagle near a creek on his property that needed assistance. The call got to both SOAR friend Marla and one of the DNR wardens in Marion County.

No one is quite sure what got this female bald eagle down, but when she was down she got covered in the freezing rain of the day and had icicles hanging off her feathers. She couldn’t take flight, but Marla reported, oh, can she run… across the creek. Goody.

This eagle has small wounds above her left eye, on her chest, and on one foot. While her blood lead level is not 0.00, the level is low enough to not be a concern.


27 February 2018
She is ready to leave her ICU crate. She was moved to the flight pen on 2/28/18!