Warren Co HY14 bald eagle

HY15 bald eagle Admission Date: 22 February 2017
Outcome: 28 February 2018 released at SOAR
Location of Rescue: Warren County
Cause of Admission / Condition: Suspect collisioin with a vehicle.
Patient Status: Patient Archive

Thank you to Officer Cutts for delivering this juvenile bald eagle (was hit by a vehicle) to SOAR volunteer Deb. At admit this eagle could not stand, but was alert, and actively moving feet.


27 March 2017
On the way to a 10x20 for continued therapy... stopped by the scale and now Warren weighs 8.75 pounds!

10 March 2017
Warren is eating well. Suspecting an issue with the left coracoid or scapula (shoulder blade) as eagle is hesitant to open that wing, can feel no fractures or swelling.

23 February 2017
Deb was able to transport this eagle to SOAR today ahead of the impending winter weather. By this time the eagle was standing. During Kay's initial exam, noticed some blood in the trachea and is holding the left wing slightly forward, no fractures. Best news... no elevated lead levels in this 8 pound male.

Click here for a colorized x-ray showing coracoid and scapula!