Warren County Barn Owl

hatchling barn owl Admission Date: 13 June 2016
Outcome: Soft release at SOAR, 5 Nov 2016
Location of Rescue: Warren County
Cause of Admission / Condition: Nest needed relocation
Patient Status: Patient Archive





grain bin

A barn owl nest was discovered atop 6,000 bushels of corn in a grain bin in Warren County and reported to the Iowa DNR Wildlife Diversity staff. The landowner wanted to empty the bin (i.e. sell the corn) but was willing to wait and have the nest moved to nesting box. This nest had both older and younger hatchlings and eggs. Initial plans were to attach a nest box to the roof of the grain bin… until it was realized there was no ladder on the roof to attach the box on. Plan B was to put up a nest box nearby.

rescued barn owl

Pat S, Iowa DNR (L) shows the landowner and family the hatchling barn owl before placing in crate for Trevor (R) to transport to SOAR.

On the planned day of relocation, the temps were very high for early June. SOAR intern Trevor was there in case transport was needed and SOAR friend Marla were there to lend a hand to Pat Schlarbaum of the Iowa DNR Wildlife Diversity Program. When the grain bin was accessed only one hatchling and three eggs remained. Everyone suspects the extended high temps were a factor in hatchling survival. It was decided that since the one hatchling was stressed from the heat, only one adult had been seen at any time, along with the three eggs would be taken to SOAR. Photos were taken and Trevor sent on his way. Eggs went to Cassie’s incubator and the hatchling to SOAR.

The nest box was put up near the grain bins and we hope to hear from the landowner that the barn owls are using the nest box!


30 September 2016
All barn owl admits this year were juveniles and they are ready to be hacked from the tower at Whiterock Conservancy.

22 June 2016
Kay reports the hatchling barn owl rescued from the bin is 'very hissy.' Yeah - good owl behavior!

17 June 2016
One barn owl egg hatched... but on the 19th Cassie report that the tiny hatchling died.

a climbing barn owl

13 June 2016 barn owl hatchling admitted from Warren Co is now climbing in the flight pen (15 July)