Volunteering for SOAR

While SOAR is not actively seeking additional volunteers at this time, we felt it important to share our philosophy, volunteer duties, and the timeline we will use in the event that we do seek to recruit additional volunteers.

Volunteer philosophy

SOAR is able to do all that it does because of the dedication of many people that volunteer their time and talent. Volunteers apply, are screened, interviewed, and possibly offered a position and are treated like an employee. We appreciate everyone’s understanding that volunteer programs are important, yet time-intensive on those managing the program. As the SOAR Volunteer Program grows, the when, how, and topics for training may change.

Entry Level Volunteer positions – brief description

Event Volunteer

General Definition: Help SOAR staff at public events answer questions, hand out information, assist with hands-on activities where appropriate, and help with SOAR Store sales, as applicable.  Must complete SOAR Volunteer Orientation.

Bird Transporter

General Definition: Assist SOAR staff and other volunteers with transport of injured, ill, or orphaned wild birds from a field location or from another volunteer – throughout the state of Iowa – to another volunteer.  May involve handling the raptor.  Must complete SOAR Volunteer Orientation.

Special Skill Volunteers

You can share your professional skills with SOAR on an as-needed basis at the SOAR facility, your residence, or at an event. Individuals with specific skills that are willing to volunteer their time with SOAR still need to go through the application / interview process to determine the best fit for SOAR at that time and to have discussions about future availability.  These skill sets might include: photography, carpentry, grant writing, fundraising, marketing, event planning, writing for publications (feature stories and press releases).

The application process:

  1. Those interested in volunteering for SOAR must request a Volunteer Application from the Communications Director.
  2. The completed, signed application should be emailed to the Communications Director.
  3. The application will be reviewed by the Executive Director, the Communications Director, and other SOAR team member.
  4. Based on availability, a SOAR team member will contact the applicant and set up a phone interview. The interview process is used to determine if the applicant is a good fit to volunteer for SOAR and in which volunteer position.
  5. A follow-up email will be sent to the applicant advising of status of the application (accepted, modified, or rejected).

What Volunteers can expect of SOAR

  • Provide an application, interview, training, and evaluation process that respects the applicant / volunteer as an individual with skills to offer SOAR.
  • Provide a volunteer orientation program with opportunity for questions and answers.
  • To be available to answer questions and provide additional learning opportunities.

SOAR’s Expectations of Volunteers

  • To be knowledgeable about SOAR, including the mission and position statements.
  • To agree with the SOAR position statements. If you do not support these, it would not be appropriate for you to volunteer for SOAR.
  • If volunteering at an event, you are required to wear a SOAR logo shirt, ball cap, or sweatshirt. Shorts and skirts should be business / professional appropriate length. Please refrain from using heavily scented soaps, hair products, or cologne.
  • If interacting with the public, use language that is suitable for all ages (this includes no swearing), answer questions to the best of your ability, but do not hesitate to say, “I don’t know that answer. Let’s check with a SOAR staff member.”
  • If you agreed and are scheduled to work a volunteer shift and you need to cancel, please do so as soon as practical. The sooner we are notified, we may be able to fill the shift.
  • If you have not been contacted for helping at an event, please do not show up as a volunteer expecting to help.

**Again, SOAR is not actively recruiting volunteers at this time. We thank you for your support and understanding!