Our Thanks!

Thank you...

to friends, volunteers, businesses, donors, and sponsors for your continuing and ongoing support.

SOAR's rehabilitation and research efforts plus education programming simply wouldn't exist without your kind generosity.

Thank you to each and every donor.

ALL donations, no matter how often, no matter the amount, are so very important to sustain the lifesaving work we do. You have a choice as to where you donate your hard-earned money and SOAR very much appreciates your heartfelt donations. Each of you helps achieve the SOAR mission!

Thank you to our veterinary clinics, veterinarians, techs, and staff for their time, expertise, services, and support of our rehabilitation efforts.

Thank you to our Monthly donors!

These folks have made arrangements, through their bank or through PayPal, to send an automatic monthly donation. One-time donations are wonderful, but our monthly donors are absolutely awesome! Monthly donations are easier on the wallet for our donors. It is so valuable to our organization to know that we can count on funds coming in regularly. Small amounts per month add up to a whole lot over the course of the year!

SOAR also needs to thank these folks for their assistance!

  • KM Bossard, Fenceline Photos, T Flammang, CE Hansen, R Huelse, D Lynch, B Manning, BG McKee, B Reed, V Webber, M Mertz, and M Wetrich for use of photos.
  • Iowa DNR Conservation Officers and County Conservation Board staff for the rescue and transport of injured birds
  • D Lynch and T Flammang for video work
  • Options Ink for help with layout, design, and printing needs
  • Other wildlife rehabilitators for rescue, care, and transport of injured birds