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Here's how you can help SOAR!

Your direct donations - mailed to SOAR or through PayPal - support our mission by providing patient care, ongoing care and support of our education ambassador team, help to provide educational programming, and continue our research efforts.

Please click the 'Donate Now' button below for your one-time payment OR to set up a monthly donation! One button, two options now, thanks to PayPal. Please note that PayPal does share your email address with the donation but also now asks if you would like to share your mailing address with us. Look for the checkbox at the bottom of the PayPal donate form. If the button below seems to not work, please also look for the same button in the footer of the website... scroll to the very bottom to find!

or send your donation to:

25494 320th St
Dedham, IA 51440

SOAR is a 501(c)3 and donations are tax-deductible, please contact your tax adviser if you have questions.

Become a Monthly Donor

Your sustaining monthly contribution helps SOAR carry out our mission and achieve our goals -- improve the lives of all birds through raptor rehabilitation, education, and research! In 2019, SOAR admitted 351 patients, presented over 100 programs to schools, youth and community groups, and public events, and continues to collect and provide data for ongoing research projects. While 2020 did not allow for in-person programs, SOAR still admitted over 350 sick and injured wild birds.

Your donation helps keep high quality food in the freezer, necessary medicine on hand, and provide for needed veterinary care. Here are examples of how your donation can help!

Your $10 provides:

  • 15 large mice delivered will feed one barn owl for three days or a screech owl for one week.
  • Three quail delivered will feed one peregrine for four days.
  • Two bags of compressed pine shavings at the store will fill six ICU crates once.

Every dollar is important and every dollar matters.

Your $20 provides:

  • One tube of Nutri-Cal, delivered provides 10 high-calorie fluid feedings for our underweight patients.
  • Six quail delivered will feed Decorah or Thora for six days.
  • One blood lead level test done in-house.

"It takes a village..."

Your $30 provides:

  • Administration of one dose of West Nile Virus vaccination – many education birds get this vaccination annually.  First time vaccination requires two doses!
  • One small x-ray.

Your support provides essential care.

Support Patient Care

Bird patients, just like their human counterparts, are each unique. Treatment varies with each bird, but can include rehydration, special diets, de-worming, needing bandages, over-the-counter and prescription medicines, special therapies, plus visits to one of our veterinarians for x-rays, surgeries, and evaluation.

No matter the donation, each bird receives the highest quality of care. Please send your tax-deductible donation marked 'Patient Support.'

SOAR Privacy Policy

PayPal Giving Fund

SOAR is enrolled in the PayPal Giving Fund! You can support SOAR by donating to PayPal Giving Fund's giving programs on PayPal, eBay and more. Here are some of the options under the PayPal Giving Fund umbrella:

  • PayPal Donations via PayPal Giving Fund
  • PayPal special campaigns
  • eBay for Charity Seller Donations
  • Humble Bundle - As a leading retailer of digital games and eBooks, Humble Bundle offers its customers the opportunity to support a charity with every purchase they make.

These funds are collected from the various campaigns and deposited in our SOAR PayPal 15-45 days later. You should receive confirmation from PayPal of your donation. Save those receipts for tax purposes.


Click on our Candid Seal of Transparency that links directly to our organizational profile on GuideStar to donate.


You can donate directly to our account (SOAR - Saving Our Avian Resources) from this page.

Other Donations

Please contact SOAR to discuss any questions regarding a prospective donation not addressed on this page.

Matching Gifts

Check with your employer, insurance agent, brokerage representative, or bank for matching gift or donor designated fund opportunities! We'll be happy to do what we need on our end to help you add to your donation! Need help, email Linette.

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